NICHD Ovarian Nomenclature Workshop 2021

Investigation into the ovary spurred by OTC, has demonstrated that our traditional description of the ovarian anatomy is inadequate as research in the field progresses. One obstacle to the advancement of knowledge in female fertility and reproduction is that there is a paucity of distinction between the different cellular and anatomical compartments of the ovary. In May-June 2021, Dr. Gomez-Lobo convened scientists from around the U.S. for several Division of Intramural Research (DIR) supported Ovarian Tissue Nomenclature Workshop meetings. Experts in reproductive endocrinology, gynecologic oncology, radiology, pathology, bioinformatics, and ovarian tissue research, met and created workgroups to further delineate ovarian follicle description, tissue ontology, and the 3-D description of the ovary. Resulting recommendations will establish the new national and international classification standards for ovary research which will allow for clearer evaluation of the function of the ovary at a gross and sub-anatomic level.

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