Lab Alumni and Group Photo Archive

Liana Bonanno

Headshot of Liana Bonanno

Postbaccalaureate Fellow  
(Sep 2010–July 2011)

Dylan Barbera

Headshot of Dylan Barbera

Summer Intern 2013

Carmen-Maria Garcia

No picture available.

Summer Intern 2016

Jennifer Ten Haugen

No picture available.

Summer Intern 2016

Oghomwen Igiesuorobo

Headshot of Oghomwen Igiesuorobo

Postbaccalaureate Fellow  
(July 2012-June 2014)

Grace Kim

Headshot of Grace Kim

(July 2014-May 2016)

Young-Jun Kim, PhD

Headshot of Young-Jun Kim

Postdoctoral Fellow  
(Sep 2008-Dec 2013)

Gabriel Peal

Headshot of Gabriel Peal

Student Intern  

Tess Paoletta

Headshot of Tess Paoletta

Summer Intern  
2010, 2011

Carolyn Peluso, PhD

headshot of Carolyn Peluso

Postdoctoral Fellow  
(Nov 2008–April 2012)

Tho Huu Nguyen

Headshot of Tho Huu Nguyen

Postdoctoral Fellow  

Cathy Ramos, PhD

headshot of Cathy Ramos

Postdoctoral Fellow  
(May 2012-July 2016)

Mikolaj Sulkowski, PhD

Headshot of Mikolaj Sulkowski

Postdoctoral Fellow  
(August 2010-August 2015)

Hanna Tso

Headshot of Hanna Tso

Summer Intern  

Dennis Wang

Headshot of Dennis Wang

Summer Intern 2010

Jimmy Webb

headshot of Jimmy Webb

Summer Intern 2008

Sarah Wessel

headshot of Sarah Wessell

Summer Intern  
2008, 2009

Shelby Newsad

Headshot of Shelby Newsad

Postbaccalaureate Fellow

Lindsey Friend

Headshot of Lindsey Friend

Postdoctoral Fellow

Qi Wang, PhD

headshot of Qi Wang

Postdoctoral Fellow

Group photo archive

Group photo from spring of 2015.

Spring 2015 - Back row, from left to right: Grace, Qi, Ela, Mik and Cathy. Front row: Peter and Tae Hee

Serpe lab group photo from spring 2013

Spring 2013- Back  row from left to right: Qi, Oghomwen, Peter, Cathy, Ela, Front row: Mik and Young-Jun

Serpe lab group photo from spring 2011.

Spring 2011- Peter, Ela, Young-Jun, Mik, Carolyn

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