In a Healthy Pregnancy, Let the Baby Set the Delivery Date

The Science of Improved Outcomes from Delaying Delivery until 39 Weeks or Later in a Healthy Pregnancy

Dr. Guttmacher and his grandsonIn a recent blog post in The Huffington Post, Dr. Guttmacher describes his experience of becoming a new grandfather within the context of his training as a pediatrician.

His column presents the scientific evidence that, in a healthy pregnancy, waiting until at least 39 weeks or later to deliver improves outcomes for mother and baby.

This topic has been the focus of a recent awareness effort from the National Child and Maternal Health Education Program (NCMHEP), which is led by the NICHD in coordination with more than 30 national professional societies and advocacy organizations. The Program’s website provides videos and more information for parents and health care providers about the risks of elective deliveries before 39 weeks. The topic was also featured in a recent NICHD Spotlight: Just in Time for Mother’s Day: Let the Baby Set the Delivery Date!

As we pause to recognize the importance of fathers and grandfathers everywhere, consider the unique perspective of a grandfather and physician: In Healthy Pregnancies, Let the Baby Set the Delivery Date External Web Site Policy.

Originally Posted: June 17, 2013


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