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Contraception and Birth Control: Clinical Trials

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The NICHD conducts and supports a variety of clinical research projects related to contraception or birth control.

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Featured NICHD Clinical Trials on Contraception/Birth Control

  • A progesterone receptor modulator, CDB-2914, as an emergency oral contraceptive when taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse. The product was approved by the FDA for emergency contraception in 2010 based, in part, on the studies that were done in the CCTN.

Contraceptive effectiveness of a new vaginal ring that can be used for 13 cycles. The device releases a combination of ethinyl estradiol and a new progestin and the ring is used in a regimen of 3 weeks in and 1 week out for a full year of contraceptive use. The study represents a Phase III pivotal trial that will be used to support the NDA for FDA approval of the ring in the USA.

The efficacy of a new female condom for preventing both pregnancy and STDs. The Phase III study will support the approval of the women’s condom for approval by the FDA and a substudy of biomarkers will be used for evidence of protection against STDs.

Evaluation of a combination of topical gels that deliver transdermal progestin and testosterone resulting in sustained reversible inhibition of sperm production in men.

NICHD Clinical Trials

Information on current NICHD-supported clinical trials on contraception/birth control is available at the link below

All NICHD Clinical Trials on Contraception/Birth Control Search Results

Information on current NIH-supported clinical trials on contraception/birth control is available at the link below or by calling 800-411-1222.

All Trials on Contraception/Birth Control

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