Collaborating with BSPC

New Projects

Interested in collaborating on a project involving bioinformatics or scientific programming? Please schedule an initial consultation meeting with Ryan Dale (

Reaching out early in the lifetime of the project is important so we can help ensure statistical power and maximize your return on investment. It is also helpful for us to know as soon as possible if we need to learn new techniques or need to develop software for your project.

At the initial meeting we will discuss the scientific questions being addressed, data availability, prior work, planned work, and expectations, and other details. By the end of the meeting, we typically have a preliminary plan of action and can begin scheduling work.


  • Enter Bldg 6 through the main front doors
  • In the lobby, turn right and then go straight (through one doorway, then another). The paint will change color when you are in Bldg 6A.
  • Turn right at the “T” intersection
  • BSPC is in Rm 1A16 and 1A17

Bioinformatics and Scientific Programming Core map.

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