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Office of the Clinical Director

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Training and Education Opportunities

Current Research and Fellowship Training Programs

Overview of Program

The NICHD Intramural Clinical Research Program currently involves 96 protocols with 39 Principal Investigators. These protocols are conducted at the NIH Clinical Center and also at other US and international sites. They encompass patient-oriented research on genetic disorders, endocrine disease, growth and development, reproduction, and maternal and child public health.

Clinical Programs and Investigators

Program in Developmental and Molecular Immunity: Rachel Schneerson, John Robbins, Joint Program Directors
  • Rachel Schneerson, John Robbins: Section on Bacterial Disease Pathogenesis and Immunity
Program in Developmental Endocrinology and Genetics: Constantine Stratakis, Program Director
  • Jeff Baron: Section on Growth and Development
  • Carolyn Bondy: Section on Epigenetics and Development
  • Anil Mukherjee: Section on Developmental Genetics
  • Forbes Porter: Section on Molecular Dysmorphology
  • Constantine Stratakis: Section on Endocrinology and Genetics
  • Jack Yanovski: Unit on Growth and Obesity
  • Maya Lodish: Assistant Clinical Investigator
  • Joan Han: Assistant Clinical Investigator
Molecular Medicine Program: Tracey Rouault, Program Director
  • Stephen Kaler: Unit on Human Copper Metabolism
Program in Pediatric Imaging and Tissue Sciences: Peter Basser, Program Director
  • Peter Basser: Section on Tissue Biophysics and Biomimetics
  • Amir Gandjbakhche: Section on Analytical and Functional Biophotonics
Program in Perinatal Research and Obstetrics: Roberto Romero, Program Director
  • Roberto Romero: PPRO Units
Program in Reproductive and Adult Endocrinology: Alan Decherney, Program Director
  • Alan Decherney: Section on Implantation and Oocyte Physiology
  • Lynnette Nieman: Section on Reproductive Endocrinology
  • Karel Pacak: Section on Medical Neuroendocrinology
  • Owen Rennert: Section on Clinical and Developmental Genomics
  • James Segars: Unit on Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
Office of the Scientific Director: Constantine Stratakis, Acting Scientific Director
  • Clinical Researchers
  • Marc Bornstein: Section on Child and Family Research
  • Joan Marini: Bone and Extracellular Matrix Branch

NICHD Clinical Fellowship Training Programs

Internal Medicine Endocrinology Training Program
  • Lynnette Nieman
Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship Training Program
  • Roberto Romero
Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Training Program
  • James Segars
Medical Genetics Fellows Training Program
  • Constantine Stratakis
Pediatric Endocrinology Training Program
  • Constantine Stratakis

Training Program

For information on protocol navigation or to log into the Protocal Navigation Management System (PNMS), visit the Protocol Navigation page on the Office of the Clinical Director's site.​​​

Last Reviewed: 01/29/2016

​Contact Information

Name: Dr Forbes Porter
Senior Investigator
Office of the Clinical Director
Phone: 301-435-4432
Fax: 301-480-5791

Staff Directory
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