Social and Behavioral Epigenetics Workshop

July 29-30, 2014


Population Dynamics Branch (PDB) and Child Development and Behavior Branch (CDBB), Division of Extramural Research (DER), NICHD; National Science Foundation; and Research Councils United Kingdom


Bolger Conference Center, Potomac, Maryland


The NICHD Vision Statement includes the area of the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease, under which the NICHD states, "Key to this is understanding how specific genetic, biological, environmental, behavioral, and social factors interact over time to influence health and disease. This is particularly important to understand across a broad range of environmental exposures and interactions."

This workshop will generate scientific discussions and collaborations that will address that issue and will lay out a plan for research in the area. The workshop has four goals:

  • Discuss the potential for innovative interdisciplinary research (social/behavioral scientists ↔ bioscientists with expertise in epigenetics).
  • Identify short- and longer term opportunities/gaps/puzzles.
  • Discuss mechanisms to facilitate innovative interdisciplinary research including identification of obstacles, e.g., resource/data infrastructure and analysis/education needs.
  • Identify of the broader societal impacts, policy implications, etc., of research in social/behavioral epigenetics, and which of these potentially could generate high-payoff research (in both the short and long term).

More Information


Dr. Rosalind King, PDB, DER, NICHD
Tel: (301) 435-6986

Dr. Lisa Freund, CDBB, DER, NICHD
Tel: (301) 435-6879

Please note: Views expressed during NICHD-sponsored events do not necessarily reflect the opinions or the official positions of NICHD, NIH, or HHS.
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