201610 Interaction of HIV and Neurodevelopment of Children in Resource-Limited Settings: Improving Assessments

The Maternal and Pediatric Infectious Disease Branch is proposing a FY18 initiative, "Interaction of HIV and Neurodevelopment of Children in Resource-Limited Settings (RLS): Improving Assessments"

The widespread implementation of combination antiretroviral therapy for HIV prevention and treatment has changed the presentation, manifestation and course of development and impairment in children, globally, but especially in resource-limited settings most severely affected by HIV. However, we do not have a firm understanding of how these advances in HIV/AIDs prevention and treatment may affect the neurocognitive development of children because we lack psychometrically sound assessment tools that can be effectively used in resource-limited settings. Without targeted research to develop cross-culturally appropriate assessment tools, tests, and materials that can be practically administered in resource-limited regions, a greater understanding of the cognitive and developmental needs of children, coping with HIV and its treatment effects in resource-limited settings, may not be achieved.

The goal of this initiative is to provide support for research focused on improving the assessment of neurodevelopment/neurocognitive functioning of children in resource-limited settings (RLS) with a focus on children exposed to and living with HIV/AIDs. Applications of innovative technologies to evaluate emerging and continuing cognitive deficits related to HIV and its treatments will be encouraged.

The proposed concept aligns with the NICHD Vision areas of Cognition, Diagnostics & Therapeutics, Cross-cutting Issues, including Measurement tools and methods, as well as Differences/Disparities across populations.

In addition, this initiative addresses the overarching HIV/AIDS priorities of a) HIV-associated comorbidities, coinfections, and complications, and b) Research to Reduce Health Disparities in the incidence of new HIV infections or in treatment outcomes of those living with HIV/AIDS.

Program Contact

Sonia Lee
Maternal Pediatric Infectious Disease Branch


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