201610 Data Coordinating Center for the NICHD Neonatal Research Network

Preterm birth continues to be a problem in the United States with a rate between 10-12% over the past several years. Infant mortality in the United States remains one of the highest of the industrialized world (2010 rate 6.1/1,000 live births). Improving survival and outcomes for infants born with medical issues and complications of prematurity is vital to carrying out the mission of the institute. A primary means of reaching these objectives is through the 15-center Neonatal Research Network that investigates the safety and efficacy of treatment and management strategies to care for newborn infants, especially those of very low birth weight. In order to support and coordinate the Network, an independent data center is needed to provide statistical expertise, data management, analysis for Network trials and studies, and site level capitation for patients recruited into NRN studies.

The Neonatal Research Network continues to be a high priority for NICHD and as such, the data center that supports and coordinates the network also is a high priority. Without this critical infrastructure, the network would not be able to sustain the efficacious and high quality standards that have guided it to date.

This concept aligns with the scientific goals and research areas of pregnancy and perinatology outcomes, particularly that of prematurity; developmental biology including congenital malformations and outcomes; developmental origins of health and disease; and behavior and cognition of infants including neurodevelopmental delay and autism.

Program Contact

Tonse Raju
Pregnancy and Perinatology Branch


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