201610 Identification of Non-steroidal Targets for Male and Female Contraception

Program seeks Council approval for an initiative titled "Identification of Non-steroidal Targets for Male and Female Contraception". The Contraception Research Branch is leading a paradigm shift towards more specific/selective non-steroidal based contraceptive methods for both men and women. A comprehensive identification and prioritization of reproductive tract-specific non-steroidal contraceptive targets is needed to accelerate this area of science and longer-term product development

The goals of this initiative are to (1) evaluate existing data/data bases to identify male and female reproductive-tract specific genes/proteins, (2) identify gaps in available data and generate new data for evaluation, (3) identify, characterize (bioinformatically) and prioritize targets, (4) provide all data and ranked contraceptive targets to investigators in the field.

This proposed concept aligns with NICHD's 2012 Scientific Vision document which defined the need to "Identify novel molecular targets to develop new contraceptive methods" as well as recommendations in the 2015 "Assessment of the Contraceptive Research Activities of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development."

Program Contact

Daniel Johnston
Contraception Research Branch


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