201501 Learning Disabilities Innovation Hubs (R24 or P2C)

A request for applications (RFA) with set aside is proposed, entitled “Learning Disabilities Innovation Hubs (R24 or P2C)” using either the R24 Resource-Related Research Projects or P2C Resource-Related Research Multi-Component Projects and Centers grant mechanisms.


The proposed LD Hubs initiative will address significant research gaps in the area of learning disabilities by focusing on cross-programmatic and transdisciplinary perspectives to the learning problems facing these individuals.


The proposed RFA would tackle historically challenging and under-researched research topics that would advance our understanding of and/or treatment for individuals at-risk for or diagnosed with mathematics learning disability, reading disability, and/or writing disability. This proposed initiative would include a focus on historically under-studied and underserved groups as well as explicitly encourage innovative, high-risk scientific projects.


The objectives of the solicitation include the goal of enhancing the field’s understanding of learning challenges facing individuals who are members of understudied/under-served groups including individuals with multiple health conditions and to build a science base that would critically inform our future intervention efforts.

Program Contact

Kathy Mann Koepke, PhD and Brett Miller, PhD
Child Development & Behavior Branch (CDBB)


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