201410 Novel Tools to Assess Placental Structure and Function

A Request for Applications with set-aside is proposed entitled, “Novel Tools to Assess Placental Structure and Function” using the R01/R21/R03 grant mechanism.


The purpose of the proposed initiative is to accelerate the development of tools for safe, non-invasive or minimally-invasive assessment of the placenta in vivo across pregnancy. Abnormalities of placental development and function are known to underlie many major pathologies of pregnancy, but there is a paucity of in vivo information obtained at early times in gestation when many of the pregnancy pathologies are believed to have their origins.


The proposed RFA will solicit applications aimed at the development of novel technologies or novel uses for existing technologies. Technologies known to be contraindicated for use in pregnant women will not be allowed.


The objective of the RFA is to develop tools to assess placental structure and function in vivo across pregnancy. The goal is to utilize tools currently available and not utilized in pregnancy as well as to move the field beyond existing paradigms and provide valuable research tools to enhance our understanding of placental biology.

Program Contact

David Weinberg, PhD


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