201410 Postdoctoral Research Training in Pediatric Clinical and Developmental Pharmacology

A request for applications (RFA) with set aside is proposed, entitled “Postdoctoral Training in Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology” using the T32 NRSA Institutional training grant mechanism.


This proposed RFA for the continuation of a NICHD T32 training program in pediatric and developmental pharmacology. Pediatric pharmacology has been the mainstay of pediatric therapeutics, with emphasis on the effect of development on the disposition and response to specific drugs in children. Properly trained pediatric clinical pharmacologists are indispensable for their ability to integrate basic and clinical science. At present there is an extreme shortage of scientists who have formal training in pediatric clinical pharmacology.


Organization and Structure Teaching programs funded under the proposed FOIA are expected to interact with each other and with the NIGMS/NICHD T32 programs in adult clinical pharmacology with a pediatric component.

Research Experience The trainee shall obtain research experience relevant to pediatric clinical pharmacology. The research focus can be either primarily laboratory or clinically based. Once a research focus is defined, an ongoing exposure to the complementary area of clinical pharmacology research (i.e., basic, translational or clinical) is recommended.

Formal education can be provided through a variety of educational formats, including graduate level (including on-line) courses. Topics should include but are not limited to: a) Basic Pharmacology, Ontogeny of organ system function, Developmental pharmacology, Pharmacometrics, Pharmacogenetics/Pharmacogenomics), Proteomics/ metabolomics pediatric clinical trial design, including ethical considerations for children participating as research subjects.


The goal of this FOA is to develop clinician-scientists who will be leaders in the field of pediatric clinical and developmental pharmacology research. Individuals in these programs should receive training and experience in the methods and conduct of basic and clinical research, in order to qualify them to perform such studies independently.

Trainees may be recruited from a broad range of pediatric clinical specialties. For trainees with a PhD degree, the research and training should be specifically designed to promote a career in clinical pharmacology research.

Program Contact

Anne Zajicek, MD, PharmD
Obstetric and Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics Branch


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