National Advisory Child Health and Human Development (NACHHD) Council

January 2021 Council (to be held on February 2-3, 2021)


  • 202101 NICHD Director’s Report (Bianchi)
  • 202101 SARS-CoV-2 Infections in Schools (Benjamin, Zimmerman)
  • 202101 NICHD Anti-Harassment Plan (Bianchi)
  • 202101 RADx and Other NIBIB Initiatives (Tromberg)
  • 202101 Somatosensory Modulation of Salivary Gene Expression and Oral Feeding in Preterm Infants (Maron)
  • 202101 Voice of the Participant (Koumantzelis)

Concept Review

Concept Review by Council

  1. 202101 Biomarker Research to Support Fertility Regulation Methods by Small Business (Lindsey/CRB)
  2. 202101 User-Based Design to Aid in Contraceptive Development by Small Business (Kent/CRB)
  3. 202101 Pelvic Floor Disorders Network (PFDN) (Halvorson, GHDB)
  4. 202101 Pediatric Immune System – Ontogeny and Development (INTEND) (Majji/MPIDB, Vargas/PGNB)
  5. 202101 Dyadic interpersonal processes and biopsychosocial outcomes (Popkin/PDB)
  6. 202101 Human Milk as a Biological System (Bremer/PGNB)
  7. 202101 Adolescent Trials Network for HIV/AIDS interventions (ATN) (Lee/MPIDB)

Meeting Info

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