Maternal and Pediatric Precision in Therapeutics (MPRINT) Hub


The MPRINT Hub serves as a national resource to aggregate, present, and expand the available knowledge, tools, and expertise in maternal and pediatric therapeutics to the broader research, regulatory science, and drug development communities. It also conducts therapeutics-focused research in obstetrics, lactation, and pediatrics while enhancing inclusion of people with disabilities.

The MPRINT Hub comprises:

  • A Knowledge and Research Coordination Center (KRCC) coordinates and supports the operations of the entire MPRINT Hub, interfaces with the centers of excellence, and maintains a web portal to access an underlying curated knowledge base of maternal and pediatric pharmacology and therapeutics. The KRCC curates the knowledge base to aggregate and identify deficits in the principles of maternal and pediatric therapeutics, including pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, genetics, proteomics, and metabolomics that inform drug development and regulatory science.
  • Centers of Excellence in Therapeutics (CETs) work together and with the KRCC to conduct cutting-edge clinical, translational, basic, and/or data sciences research; provide resources; and generate novel tools and approaches to advance and accelerate research and regulatory science in maternal and pediatric therapeutics.

In addition, the MPRINT Translational Research Resource Platform supports team science and collaborative research that leverages existing or prospective resources (e.g., biorepositories, -omics data, tissue-specific genomic/epigenomic atlases, electronic health records , etc.). The platform also helps to develop analytic tools and lab platforms that advance precision therapeutics in maternal and pediatric populations, enables and accelerates the discovery of biomarkers with translational potential for therapeutic targets of maternal or pediatric conditions, and validates and supports the qualification of biomarkers for maternal and pediatric conditions.

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