Population Dynamics Research Infrastructure Program


This program aims to advance the field of population dynamics research by increasing research impact, innovation, and productivity; developing junior scientists; and maximizing the efficiency of research support. The Population Dynamics Branch administers the program.

The primary objectives are to:

  • Increase the scientific impact, innovation, productivity of population dynamics research
  • Increase competitiveness for peer-reviewed external funding in population dynamics research
  • Support career development experiences for junior population dynamics scientists that will contribute to their research independence
  • Maximize the efficiency of funding for population dynamics research by minimizing the financial and time burdens of providing administrative and other support services associated with research projects

The program is also designed to support the broad dissemination of data, methods, and materials in the field of population dynamics research.

The program supports four types of cores:

  • Administrative Core: Manages and coordinates the center's activities and provides administrative support for research activities, such as assisting in the development and submission of grant applications; aiding in compliance with the administrative and fiscal requirements of funding agencies; managing dissemination of the center's research findings; providing editing services; and managing coordination and communications with other population dynamics centers.
  • Developmental Core: Increases the scientific scope and productivity of the center's research and researchers; provides seed grant (or pilot) programs.
  • Scientific /Technical Core: Provides scientific and technical services and resources to advance the center's research in population dynamics.
  • Public Core: Provides scientific and/or technical services and/or resources primarily to scientists outside the applicant center to benefit population dynamics research overall.

More Information

NICHD Contact: Rebecca Clark

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