Lab Fun

Lab members at a roller skating outing.
2023 Roller Skating Outing

Lab members at a tubing outing.
2022 Tubing Outing

Lab members at an adventure park.
2021 Adventure Park Outing

Lab members showing off baked goods in Zoom meeting.
2020 Online Baking Class “Outing”

Lab members dressed up for Halloween.
2019 Halloween

Group photo of lab at an axe-throwing outing.
2019 Axe-throwing Outing

Lab members dressed as Star Trek characters, collapsed on the floor of the lab as a cartoon ghost cutout attacks from the doorway.
2018 Halloween

Lab members dressed in tuxedos and fancy dresses.
2018 Wedding

Lab members eating out at a Korean hot pot restaurant.
2018 Hot Pot Outing

Lab members pose outside wearing 'armor' and wielding 'weapons' made of pipette tip racks.
2017 Halloween

Lab staff eating cookies.
2017 Cookie Exchange

Lab members driving red and black go karts around a track.
2017 Go Kart Outing

Lab members gather in front of a mounted tapestry in the African American History Museum.
2017 African American Museum Outing

Lab members gather around a table with bags and containers of cookies.
2016 Cookie Exchange

Lab members pose at an indoor mini-golf course lit with neon lights and blacklights.
2016 Mini Golf Outing

Lab members stand under cherry blossoms in front of the Tidal Basin in Washington DC. The Jefferson Memorial is in the background.
2011 Cherry Blossom Outing

Lab members pose for a photo at a bowling alley.
2010 Bowling Outing

Lab members dance in a line while wearing suits and dresses.
2009 Wedding

Lab members pose for a photo in a rock climbing gym.
2009 Rock Climbing Outing

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