Taking a Stand Against Bullying

Bullyinginfo.org Prevention and Response External Web Site Policy

The NICHD joins other agencies and organizations in examining existing research, supporting new research, and helping put an end to bullying.

In addition to its research on bullying, staff from the NICHD serves on the Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention Steering Committee, an interagency effort that was launched in early 2010 to focus on the problem of bullying. The Steering Committee helps plan and coordinate government activities and efforts to end bullying.

In August 2010, policy makers, researchers, educators, corporate leaders, and others met in Washington, D.C., for the first-ever Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention Summit, hosted by the U.S. Department of Education. Summit sponsors and participants, including researchers from and supported by the NICHD, pledged their commitment to working together to draft a national strategy to reduce and stop bullying.


Among the results from the Summit was the launch of http://www.BullyingInfo.org External Web Site Policy. This Web site offers information and resources for those who are being bullied, their families and friends, educators, and others who want to learn about ways to combat bullying. The NICHD encourages those who are interested to visit the Web site and learn more.

You can also visit the NICHD Spotlight, Taking a Stand Against Bullying to learn about the NICHD‘s research and efforts on bullying.

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