Text Alternative: Big Production Montage

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Segment #10;

Big Production Montage

running time: 3:03


Girl twirls jump ropes

Girl’s hand draws

Boy shoots basketball in indoor court

Boy throws football outside

Two girls jump up and down on screen

Magic markers and activity worksheet



On-air red light bulb illuminates

Girl adjusting lighting in studio

On-air signage

Girl with headphones operates television camera and looks at camera monitor

“On the air” signage

Director: Quiet on the set, please.

Screen fills with static

[SOUND] Television static

Barbara, facilitator, talks on camera; “Barbara” text appears on screen

Girl pushes camera stand in production studio

Boy places headphones over his ears in studio

Barbara: You’re gonna get to make something that’s called the Big Production.

Kristen, facilitator, talks in classroom setting

Youths’ hands draw on poster

Boys smile

Girl does jumping jacks in den

Girl does sit-ups

Boy bites into apple in kitchen

Kristen [to Youth]: It’s going to be a production of some sort that will encourage the young people to be more active or to eat healthy.

Two girls recite words from script


Girls: Wow! That sounds like fun!

Girl directs on production set

Girl: Stand by and action!

Clip of two girls working on production

Youth on production set

Girl operating camera and another girl looking at viewing monitor

Girl smiles while looking at viewing monitor

Girl looks at camera monitor then to viewing monitor

Girl operates prop camera


Screen fills with static

[SOUND] Television static


Two girls sit in chairs on set of television talk show

Saita speaks to camera

Clip of Hedie sitting in opposite chair

Saita speaks to camera

Vegetables and dip in container on table


Saita: My name is Saita Gilley, but you can call me Oprah, and I’m here with Hedie Johnson to have an interview about school lunch, nutrition, and fitness.

Screen fills with static

[SOUND] Television static

Footage of youth dancing in video

Youth sing: Jump on it. Jump on it.

Screen fills with static

[SOUND] Television static

Angel gives direction to youth in radio studio

Two girls stand before microphones in radio studio

Boy nods sitting in front of microphone in radio studio

Angel: Remember when someone else is reading their line, you have to be very quiet because your mic will pick it up, okay?

Angel cues youth in radio studio

Angel: One, two, three.


Two girls sing into microphone

Angel’s hand pushes up equalizer dial in studio control room

Angel smiles

Girls sing: Let’s go, Shorty, let’s go. Let’s go, Shorty, let’s go.

Screen fills with static

[SOUND] Television static

Footage of girls speaking into camera in outdoor setting

Girls: Media-Smart Youth!

Screen fills with static

[SOUND] Television static

Image of newspaper column appears on screen; headline reads: “What’s it means to be a healthy youth?”

Camera zooms in on newspaper article

Arrow points at text reading “Media Smart” in newspaper article, which is circled in red ink


Screen fills with static

[SOUND] Television static

Animated basketball bounces on screen toward camera

[SOUND] Coach’s whistle and roar of fans

Boy dribbles basketball in indoor court

Boy shoots basketball


Clips of ball going in hoop

[SOUND] Swoosh sound of ball going into the net.

Girls talk on camera on production set

Girls: Be active!

Boy talks off camera; boy points and shows poster of two hamburgers—one is an ad, one is the real thing; boy points to each image


Boy: This is the ad for the Triple Whopper, and this is the real thing—it’s all messed up and stuff.

Screen fills with static

[SOUND] Television static

Willy, dressed in watermelon costume, talks into camera while holding microphone in outdoor setting

Willy: This message is about not to starve yourself or stuff yourself.

Girl pours milk into blender in kitchen setting

Hand pushes button on blender

Blender mixing smoothie

Girl in kitchen setting drinks smoothie from cup then smiles

Another girl drinks from cup


Video footage shows three different girls each acting like they’re eating huge sandwich


Screen fills with static

[SOUND] Television static


Screen shows text that reads: “Looking for a way to stay active?!”


Voice: Are you looking for a way to stay healthy and keep active?

Footage of boy talking into the camera

Boy: Actually yes, I am.

Text on screen reads: “Then join . . .”

Text appears on screen that reads: “Media-Smart Youth Program!!!”; then letters explode in fire

Voice: Then it sounds like you should join the Media-Smart Youth program!


Girl acts on camera

Girls talk into camera while posed on set

Girl winks with thumbs up


Girl: What should we eat?

Girls: Eat fruit!

Screen fills with static

[SOUND] Television static

Boy eats big bag of potato chips in outdoor setting; film footage is in fast motion to show boy eating quickly

Boy pours rest of bag of potato chips into his mouth and finishes bag

Boy lays down and makes sounds of pain

Text appears on screen that reads: “Don’t eat the whole bag!”

Boy: Ugh . . . Ugh.

Screen fills with static

[SOUND] Television static

Footage of boy and girl sitting at table; boy reads ingredients label out loud

Boy: Ascorbic acid, vitamin C, yellow #6, niacinamide, what’s that?

Girl talks to camera and holds up can and bottle of soda; backdrop shows images of fruits and whole foods

Girl: Not healthy.

Text appears on screen that reads: “We must stop the obesity epidemic before it’s too late!”

[SOUND] Announcement music

Screen fills with static

[SOUND] Television static

Video footage of J.C., facilitator, teaching youth in kitchen setting; film is played in fast motion

Animated text appears on screen that reads: “Media-Smart Youth”

Youth: Media-Smart Youth!

Video footage shows three girls singing

Girls singing: The key is to eat healthy, eat healthy.

Camera shots show individual boys and girls posing near school building

Text on screen appears that reads: “Little steps go a long way. Please take one.”


Screen fills with static

[SOUND] Television static


Youth run toward camera while crossing crosswalk

Rick’s Market signage on storefront


Girl’s Voice: We’re gonna be going to a grocery store for a scavenger hunt.

Youth entering Rick’s Market grocery store

Camera footage of youth shopping in produce section

Baked loaves of bread in basket

Girl picks up baguette and looks at label

Girls fill out worksheet in grocery store

Youth: We are going to do some exploring at the market for what is good for you to eat.

Youth participant acts on camera as reporter, talks holding microphone in front of rick’s market

Footage of product shelves at Rick’s market; Youth Study products on shelves

Youth choose fruits from long shelf of fruit produce

Camera pans to shelf of bread products in grocery store; youth examine products

Shopping cart navigates aisles in fast motion

Youth: When my group first entered Rick’s Market, we were like “Wow, how are we going to do this?” But, finally, we found our way around.


Screen fills with static

[SOUND] Television static


Group of youth pose in front of production set and talk into camera

Youth: This program is brought to you by . . .

Scrolling credits with picture-in-picture footage of physical activity and healthy foods

Text reads: “Big Productions were produced by: Girl Scouts of Greater Minneapolis, Minnesota; Girl Scouts of Rolling Hills Council, New Jersey; YMCA of Westfield, New Jersey; Sports and Arts In Schools Foundation, New York, New York; Logan Square Neighborhood Association, Chicago, Illinois; Spartanburg Terrace Tenants Association, South Carolina; Latin American Youth Center, Washington, DC; Lake County General Health District, Lake County, Ohio.”

Youth seated around table talk into camera


Boy: I’m taking the stairs.

Girl Voice: The apple.

Girl Voice: Strawberry.

Girl Voice: Grapes.

Youth: Vegetables are good!

Different clips of girl biting into apple


Boy dressed in apple costume in outdoor setting holds microphone and talks into camera

Adam: Bye!

Two boys talk into camera

Boys: Two Guys Productions

Black screen with text that reads: “FIN.”



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