Annual “America’s Children” report on child well-being topic of NICHD’s July podcast

This month’s NICHD Research Perspectives features the report America’s Children: Key National Indicators of Well-being. Each year, 22 federal agencies collaborate to produce the report, a convenient reference for policymakers, the public, and anyone with in an interest in the nation’s children. It compiles key data about child and adolescent well-being in a variety of areas.

In the podcast, NICHD director Dr. Alan E. Guttmacher talked with federal agency partners about findings from this year’s report. These include a decline in the percentage of children in the total U.S. population, falling preterm birth and teenage birth rates, and differences in students’ knowledge and skills in the kindergarten year and beyond. This month’s guests were:

  • David Johnson, Chief of the Social, Economic, and Housing Statistics Division of the U.S. Census Bureau
  • Jennifer Madans, Associate Director for Science at the National Center for Health Statistics, part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Chris Chapman, Director of the Early Childhood and Household Studies Program at the National Center for Education Statistics, part of the Department of Education
  • Tom Snyder, Director of the Annual Reports Program, also at the National Center for Education Statistics

The July podcast is available at http://
podcasts/Documents/NICHD_Research_Perspectives_070813.mp3 (MP3 - 14 MB) and the transcript at http://

Previous NICHD Research Perspectives are available at http://


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