Stroke prevention, treatment, and research topic of NICHD May podcast

In the May NICHD Research Perspectives, NICHD researchers and grantees discussed how to reduce the risk for stroke, current stroke treatments, and research on how best to rehabilitate stroke patients.

A stroke occurs when an area of the brain is suddenly deprived of blood. When blood flow ceases, affected brain cells soon die, often leading to a loss of cognitive or physical functioning, or both.

The host for this month’s podcast was Dr. Michael Weinrich, director of NICHD’s National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research (NCMRR). Dr. Weinrich spoke with NCMRR program officials Dr. Ralph Nitkin and Dr. Theresa Cruz about stroke research supported by the NCMRR and with grantees Dr. Randolph Nudo and Dr. Amy Bastian about their current research to improve rehabilitation for those who have experienced a stroke.

The May podcast is available at http://
podcasts/Documents/NICHD_Research_Perspectives_052813.mp3 (MP3 - 13 MB) and the transcript at http://

Previous NICHD Research Perspectives are available at http://


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