NICHD Launches New Director's Podcast Series

This month, the institute launched NICHD Research Perspectives, a new podcast series. Each month, NICHD Director Alan E. Guttmacher will talk with NICHD scientists and program staff about findings from their areas of expertise. The series provides a means for researchers to go beyond the descriptions in news releases, to discuss the implications of the research, what the findings may mean for patients and members of the public, as well as what direction future studies might take.

The May 2012 Research Perspectives features discussions of the cognitive advantages of bilingualism, why American women take longer in labor now than women did 50 years ago, and a discovery that viewing images of infant faces evokes specific patterns of brain activity in adults.

The podcast is available at http:// (MP3 - 13.5 MB) and the transcript at http://

Future Research Perspectives will be archived at http://


About the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)

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