Public Comment: DRAFT NIH Research Plan on Down Syndrome 2014

The NIH Down Syndrome Working Group, formed in 2006 and led by the NICHD, aims to coordinate ongoing and new research related to Down syndrome across the NIH.

The Working Group, with input from the outside scientific and family communities and at the request of Congress, published the NIH Research Plan on Down Syndrome in 2007

After discussing progress with the NIH Down Syndrome Consortium—a group of scientists and staff from several NIH Institutes, individuals with Down syndrome and their families, national organizations interested in Down syndrome—the NIH Down Syndrome Working Group revised and updated the original research plan.

The NIH is now seeking comments on the latest draft of the updated NIH Research Plan on Down Syndrome (PDF - 771 KB).

Please note that although some of the language in the document may read as though it is final, the draft document is not final.

Please email comments on the draft to If possible, use DOWN SYNDROME in the subject line of your message. 

The period for comments closes on March 31, 2014.

The final Plan will be available in mid-2014 through the NICHD Web site and through the NIH Down Syndrome Consortium website.


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