Spotlight: NICHD Needs Your Input for the All of Us Research Program

Comment Deadline is Friday, February 23

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NIH’s All of Us program, formerly the Precision Medicine Initiative, is seeking ideas and input on important research questions that could be addressed by its data. NICHD has submitted several ideas based on institute priorities, but we need you to add your thoughts, too.

All of Us intends to enroll more than 1 million U.S. volunteers who will share information about their medical history and lifestyle over time. Researchers will be able to access participants’ de-identified data to study the biological, behavioral, and environmental factors that influence health and disease. Their efforts may lead to new, individualized approaches to medical care.

NICHD-Proposed Research Questions for All of Us Data

Visit the All of Us Community Forum to view currently proposed ideas. You will need to register with the website to comment and vote on these ideas and to submit your own research questions. To view, comment, or vote on NICHD-proposed research questions, search for NICHD using the site’s “Search Ideas” box or browse the list below.

  1. What is the genetic architecture of neurodevelopmental problems and how does it relate to health disparities? 
  2. What are the long-term effects and risks of opioid use disorder during pregnancy on maternal and child health? 
  3. What genetic markers predict consequences of pregnancy associated hypertension & gestational diabetes for mothers & offspring? 
  4. What characteristics distinguish a healthy maternal pregnancy-microbiome from one that experienced microbial perturbations? 
  5. What microbiome characteristics of children exposed to antibiotics and different diets influence long-term health outcomes? 
  6. Can Electronic Health Records (EHRs) be effectively utilized to facilitate clinical trials in pediatrics? 
  7. What factors are involved in loss of fecundity in males and females? 
  8. How do genetic factors of ADHD influence treatment strategies? Can they affect success of treatment or the choice of therapy? 
  9. What are the characteristics of people who sustain traumatic injury who have optimal recovery versus those who do not? 
  10. What are the genetic and environmental risk factors that contribute to the broader autism phenotype in adolescents and adults? 
  11. How can single accelerometers or smartphone based measures of gross activity characterize voluntary and involuntary movements? 
  12. What are the unique factors associated with early onset obesity in different ethnic and racial groups? 
  13. How are sleep characteristics associated with pediatric developmental conditions, disorders or chronic disease? 
  14. What risk factors predispose children to sepsis, and what interventions are most effective for prevention and treatment? 
  15. What genetic and environmental risk factors contribute to the development of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) as females age? 

Deadline Coming Soon

The deadline for submitting ideas and comments is Friday, February 23, 2018. Ideas captured by the program will be considered at a Research Priorities Workshop in March. All of Us plans to launch nationwide in Spring 2018.

Contact us if you have questions.

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