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NICHD Spotlight
Describing the next steps researchers can take

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GRAPHIC SLIDE: Catherine Spong, M.D.

Dr. Spong on camera.
Dr. Catherine Spong: More evidence is needed, especially for other groups. This study was only looking at women in their first pregnancy who were healthy, who did not have any other medical complications. Looking at other women—women in their second, third, fourth, or so on pregnancy, women who have complications such as hypertension and diabetes, women who are carrying multi-fetal gestations—all of those need to be studied.
Camera Cut.

Dr. Spong on camera.
Dr. Catherine Spong: In addition, the NICHD has a portfolio of grants trying to look at pregnancy weight gain and interventions into how to optimize weight gain in pregnancy as well as analyses such as this where we have data sets that are currently available trying to evaluate "Are these guidelines the best guidelines that we can give?"
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