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Why has NICHD launched a strategic planning process?
(Camera cut) A mother touches the nose of her newborn baby. Dr. Diana Bianchi: Medical research…
(Camera cut) A man’s head is scanned by a medical machine. Dr. Bianchi: …is constantly changing.
(Camera cut) A researcher is pipetting into a colorful 96-well plate. Dr. Bianchi: We have DNA sequencing, we have personalized medicine…
Camera view of Dr. Diana W. Bianchi

Lower third text:

Dr. Diana W. Bianchi NICHD Director
Dr. Bianchi: …we have mobile technologies that are profoundly changing the way we think about research.
(Zoom effect) Photograph of an Anopheles mosquito on skin. Dr. Bianchi: In addition, there are public health crises, such as Zika…
(Camera cut) A woman sitting cross-legged on a floor shakes pills out of a bottle into her hand. Dr. Bianchi: …such as the opioid crisis.
(Camera cut) Dr. Bianchi Dr. Bianchi: We need to be able to address those crises in a timely way.

How will you seek input to develop the plan?
(Camera cut) Dr. Bianchi Dr. Bianchi: We will engage the public. We will also have both an internal and an external group of experts who will advise us on this process.
(Camera cut) Animation of early placenta formation. Dr. Bianchi: These are the people who truly know the science…
(Camera cut) Fetus moving on sonogram. Dr. Bianchi: …who know the technology…
(Camera cut) Man uses a rehabilitation device that incorporates a glove and tablet game to exercise his hands. Dr. Bianchi: …and who are directly affected by what we’re doing.
(Camera cut) The screen of his tablet displays how well he is playing the game. Dr. Bianchi: In addition, we have a very…
(Camera cut) Two female researchers working at a lab bench. The camera zooms in on their heads and on their hands. Dr. Bianchi: …strong commitment to the next generation of investigators, and we need to consider our training programs, and how they relate…
(Zoom effect) Photograph of male researcher pipetting into tube. Dr. Bianchi: …to these scientific focus areas to make sure…
(Camera cut) Dr. Bianchi Dr. Bianchi: …that we have a young group of investigators ready to rise to these challenges.

How can outside groups participate in this process?
(Camera cut) Dr. Bianchi Dr. Bianchi: Members of the public, our advocacy groups, and our community of…
(Camera cut) Glove hands pipetting at the bench. Zooms out to a female and male researcher working. Dr. Bianchi: …scientific experts have multiple opportunities to participate in this process.
(Camera cut) Dr. Bianchi

Lower third text:

Dr. Bianchi: We’ve established an email address, through which you can make comments.
(Camera cut) Compose new Tweet box with “#NICHDStrategicPlan” text actively typed out. Dr. Bianchi: We’ve also established a hashtag for you to follow on Twitter and Facebook and also to make comments.
(Effect) NICHD Strategic Plan website scrolls down the screen. Dr. Bianchi: And we will provide frequent updates on our institute webpage.
(Camera cut) Dr. Bianchi Dr. Bianchi: We see you all as partners, and we encourage your involvement and your communication.




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