Management Analysis and Workforce Branch (MAWB)

MAWB provides management analysis services, workforce development resources, and program management to the institute. The branch includes the following sections:

  • Management Analysis and Policy Section (MAPS)
    Kimberly Kober, Section Chief
    • MAPS is responsible for NICHD-wide implementation of NIH- and government-wide standards and oversight in the areas of risk management, emergency management, records management, privacy, policy analysis, program/project management, delegations of authority, efficient spending, and organizational changes. MAPS leads implementation and management of federal, departmental, and NIH administrative management requirements by conducting broad-based management assessment of program areas and recommending solutions.
  • Workforce Development and Planning Section (WDPS)
    Jemma Robinson, Section Chief
    • WDPS provides human resources and other services to NICHD managers, supervisors, and employees related to recruitment and retention of staff, training, employee relations, performance management, awards, equal opportunity and diversity management, quality of work-life, schedules, onboarding and offboarding, student loan repayment, and the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.
  • Contract Services Section (CSS)
    Gilberto A. Pérez, Section Chief 
    • CSS provides support for all acquisitions-related steps, including long-term planning and full lifecycle management. CSS assists contract specialists, contracting officers, and project officers with soliciting, awarding, and administering contracts. CSS also works with program personnel and the budget office to assist with budget planning and implementation of current and future fiscal years.
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