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Processes in Social & Affective Development: Human-Animal Interaction (HAI) Research

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About the NICHD HAI Research Program

In 2007, the CDBB staff and representatives from the Mars, Inc., met to discuss the importance of HAI research and the lack of rigorous scientific efforts in the field. In 2008, NICHD and the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition, a division of Mars, Inc., entered into a public-private partnership to study the interaction between humans and animals. The partnership encourages HAI research, especially as it relates to child development, health, and the therapeutic use of animals with children and adolescents.

The first activity within this partnership was the Directions in HAI Research: Child Development, Health, and ​Therapeutic Interventions workshop, held in October 2008. This event, co-funded by the CDBB and the WALTHAM Centre, brought together researchers from various disciplines with an interest in HAI to take stock of the science and contribute to the development of an interdisciplinary research agenda. 

In 2009 and 2010, the NICHD published Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) with the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) and with support from the WALTHAM Centre. These FOAs seek to build an empirical research base on:

  • How children perceive, relate to, and think about animals;
  • How pets in the home impact children's social and emotional development and health (e.g., allergies, the immune system, asthma, mitigation of obesity); and
  • Whether and under what conditions therapeutic use of animals is safe and effective.

Also in 2009, the partners held a second HAI Workshop at the WALTHAM Centre.

Two edited volumes and one journal article resulting from the 2008 and 2009 workshops have been published:

  • McCardle, P., McCune, S., Griffin, J., Esposito, L., & Freund, L. (Eds.). (2011). Animals in our lives: Human-animal interaction in family, community, & therapeutic settings. Baltimore, MD: Brooks Publishing Co.
  • McCardle, P., McCune, S., Griffin, J., & Maholmes, V. (Eds.). (2011). How animals affect us. Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.
  • Esposito, L., McCune, S., Griffin, J., & Maholmes, V. (2011). Directions in human-animal interaction research: Child development, health, and therapeutic interventions. Child Development Perspectives, 5, 205-211.

In 2011, a third workshop on the social neuroscience of human-animal interactions was held in Washington, D.C. Details of the workshop are available at: Social Neuroscience Workshop Announcement External Web Site Policy.

The NICHD-Mars Public Private Partnership was highlighted at the 2012 TEDMED conference.! External Web Site Policy

For more information on the members of this public-private partnership in HAI Research, select a link below:

The NICHD will post additional activities and information related to the partnership on this Web site as they become available. Please check back for updates.

For more information on the NICHD’s HAI Research program, please contact Layla Esposito, Ph.D.​​​​​

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