ADVANTAGE (Agriculture and Diet: Value Added for Nutrition, Translation, and Adaptation in a Global Ecology) Project Virtual Meeting Series

April 14, 20, and 27, and May 11 and 16, 2023


Pediatric Growth and Nutrition Branch (PGNB), Division of Extramural Research (DER), NICHD, NIH


Virtual; registration is free but required


Efforts to promote health through improved diet and nutrition require an understanding of the nutritional ecology that accounts for the intersection of agriculture, food systems, health, disease, and a changing environment across the life span. The ADVANTAGE Project strives to better understand these intersections by addressing the following core questions:

  • How are the current realities of climate/environment change (CEC) affecting dietary choices/patterns and relevant aspects of the food system, and what are the implications for specific public health outcomes of interest?
  • How can we apply an ecological approach to assessing the nature and impact of these relationships?
  • How can we best translate the evidence generated to support dietary guidance to promote health and prevent disease?

To answer these questions, ADVANTAGE will use a multi-disciplinary approach to engage and support agencies and organizations involved in efforts to research, translate, and implement evidence-informed interventions, programs, and policies.

This series of virtual meetings will focus on the following five topics:

  • Implications of CEC on priority health outcomes
  • Impact of CEC on dietary patterns, attitudes, beliefs, and choices
  • Impact of CEC on food systems
  • Measures and metrics: an integrated approach to understand the intersection of CEC, food systems, nutrition, and health
  • Translation and implementation: data needs and approaches to the translation of emerging evidence to support context-specific, equitable, safe and efficacious interventions, dietary guidance and standards of care in a changing environment

Individuals who need reasonable accommodations to participate in these meetings should contact Amy Buckley at either or 571-520-2279 at least 5 days in advance.

More Information

For registration-related questions:
Amy Buckley
Phone: 571-520-2279

For program-related questions:
Daniel J. Raiten, PGNB, NICHD
Phone: 301-435-7568

Please note: Views expressed during NICHD-sponsored events do not necessarily reflect the opinions or the official positions of NICHD, NIH, or HHS.
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