Remotely Targeted and Triggered Drug Delivery Systems

April 24, 2019 (Noon–1 p.m. ET)


Obstetric and Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics Branch (OPPTB), Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act, NICHD




Remotely targeted and triggered drug delivery systems have become areas of considerable interest. This webinar will review the rationales for such systems and their characteristics, when used for local or systemic drug delivery. Presenter Daniel Kohane, M.D., Ph.D., will provide examples of applications in cancer, pain, and diabetes, using a variety of external energy sources as triggers. He also will provide comparisons to non-triggered and non-nanoscale systems as well as discuss the much-debated issue of the depth in tissue at which drug delivery systems can be triggered.

Additionally, Dr. Kohane will help participants understand the rationales behind targeted and triggered drug delivery systems, the types of clinical problems to which they can be adapted, and the types of drug delivery systems and remote triggers they can employ.

Dr. Kohane is a professor of anesthesia at Harvard Medical School and a senior associate in pediatric critical care at Boston Children’s Hospital, where he directs the Laboratory for Biomaterials and Drug Delivery.


George Giacoia, OPPTB, NICHD
Phone: 301–496–5589

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