202210 Development of Novel Nonsteroidal Contraceptive Methods

​Program seeks Council approval for an initiative titled “Development of Novel Nonsteroidal Contraceptive Methods.”

There is a tremendous need for alternative modes of contraception for men and women, and this initiative continues a paradigm shift towards more specific contraceptive modalities that do not act via classical steroidal mechanisms. 

The requested RFA allows for both male or female method development, as well as development of delivery devices and multi-purpose prevention technologies which have both contraceptive and anti-infective capabilities.

The NICHD remains the leading funder of early-stage contraceptive research for male contraception and multi-purpose prevention technologies throughout the world, and continued funding in this area is of paramount importance for these fields.

In the previous iteration of this initiative (an R61/R33), highly innovative contraception development programs were established for male contraception, female contraception, and multipurpose prevention technologies (MPT).   Five of eight programs transitioned to the R33 phase (2 male, 3 female, 2 were also MPT).

This concept aligns with the NICHD Strategic Plan (theme 2 – gynecologic and andrologic reproductive health and theme 4 – development of safe and effective therapeutics) and the Contraception Research Branch’s branch priority of the development of new and improved contraceptives.

Program Contact

Leigh Allen
Contraception Research Branch (CRB)

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