202210 Using Archived Data and Specimen Collections to Advance Maternal and Pediatric HIV-AIDS Research

​A long-standing goal of Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) is to maximize research, resources, and tools. To meet this need, the Maternal and Pediatric Infectious Disease Branch (MPIDB) is seeking Council approval for an initiative titled “Using Archived Data and Specimen Collections to Advance Maternal and Pediatric HIV/AIDS Research.” 

The purpose of this initiative is to address the need for improved data sharing and translation of research results to answer important questions in maternal and pediatric HIV.  Specifically, this initiative proposes to further maximize the utility of HIV/AIDS clinical, epidemiological, and behavioral studies by supporting secondary analysis of the collected data and specimens. 

The NICHD repository holds a rich collection of archived bio-samples available for research on of HIV/AIDS from studies including the AIDS Clinical Research Trials Group (ACTG), Adolescent Trials Network (ATN), Pediatric HIV AIDS Cohort Study (PHACS) and the International Maternal and Pediatric Adolescent AIDS Clinical Trials (IMPAACT) The NICHD Data and Specimen Hub (DASH) provides access to the phenotypic data linked to these bio-samples, . We seek to leverage the NICHD/NIH investment in these specimen repositories, with this funding opportunity announcement.

To maximize the utility and scientific potential of these valuable resources, this initiative will encourage the scientific community to use the archived specimens and phenotypic data to generate new findings and answer novel research questions related to the scientific mission and priorities of NICHD, MPIDB, and the Office of AIDS Research (OAR).

We would like to continue the success of this initiative which has already funded over a dozen projects that allowed for both the extension and/or expansion of the original research. To continue to augment the analysis, translation and dissemination of research findings, this initiative will encourage all new data derived from the studies supported by this initiative to be returned to DASH. This initiative aligns with all MPIDB Research Priorities, NICHD’s vision for the conduct of science, NIH’s policy of data sharing, and the NIH HIV/AIDS Research Priority of supporting research training to conduct high priority HIV/AIDS or HIV/AIDS-related research.

Program Contact

Eric Lorenzo
Maternal and Pediatric Infectious Disease Branch (MPIDB)

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