202205 Multicenter Clinical Trials; Leveraging Network Infrastructure to Advance Research and Outcomes

​Program seeks Council approval for a project entitled “Multicenter Clinical Trials; Leveraging Network Infrastructure to Advance Research and Outcomes.”  The NICHD has recently affirmed publicly in both a Guide Notice and Webinar its plan for continued commitment to infrastructure support for multisite clinical trials purporting four guiding principles:

  • Enhance the rigor and reproducibility of clinical trial protocols
  • Promote greater availability of multisite clinical trial infrastructure to support trials from a wider range of investigators
  • Facilitate data sharing and access to biospecimens to efficiently expand research capacity for all investigators
  • Facilitate greater involvement of diverse populations in multisite clinical trials.

This proposal offers the potential to operationalize those guiding principles by providing a funding opportunity that will accept applications for use of NICHD Network infrastructure to conduct multisite clinical trials from any investigator of the extramural research community. These applications will undergo NIH peer review, and highly meritorious trials will be funded with individual awards.

In addition, this funding opportunity announcement will mandate the timely sharing of information and biospecimens via the NICHD Data and Specimen Hub (DASH) or other appropriate platforms, and a rigorous pre-application review will pro-actively help assure diverse enrollment.

Program Contact

Robert Tamburro
Division of Extramural Research (DER)


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