202205 NICHD Laboratory of Developmental Biology

​Program seeks approval for an initiative titled: “NICHD Laboratory of Developmental Biology”. The NICHD Laboratory of Developmental Biology is a resource that supports projects which enhance the capabilities of ongoing basic, translational, and clinical research in the field of human developmental biology.

This resource collects, prepares, and distributes human conceptal tissues and their derivatives to the scientific research community. This resource has served the scientific community for the past 55 years, and the resource needs to be sustained as it facilitates access to otherwise difficult to obtain fetal tissues for biomedical research, while adhering to the highest ethical and regulatory standards.

The resource has a vast repository of conceptal tissues and their derivatives, different cell types, RNA, DNA and proteins. Over the last few years, this resource has provided tissues and their derivatives essential for major projects such as ENCODE, Roadmap Epigenomics, BrainSpan Atlas of the Developing Human Brain, and multiple NIH-funded individual projects. A single, centralized resource ensures that the material is collected and processed appropriately and consistently. This PAR is being developed to allow recompetition of the grant sustaining this important resource.

This proposed concept aligns with the NICHD Strategic Plan 2020, Theme 1 (“Understanding …Basis of Development”), Theme 2 (“Promoting Gynecologic, Andrologic, and Reproductive Health”) and Theme 3: Setting the Foundation for Healthy Pregnancies and Lifelong Wellness.

The concept also aligns with priorities ofmultiple branches within NICHD (DBSVB, FIB, IDDB, PPB, PGNB) and several other ICs (NIAID, NIMH, NINDS) within NIH.

Program Contact

Ravi Ravindranath
Fertility and Infertility Branch (FI)


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