202205 Chemical Screening and Optimization Facility

​Program seeks Council approval for an initiative titled “Chemical Screening and Optimization Facility,” whose purpose is to provide investigators a means to request services from a state-of-the-art facility with the capabilities and capacity to advance non-hormonal contraceptive and/or reproductive health related research programs. Requested services include protein expression, X-Ray crystallography, High Throughput Screening, Structure Activity Relationships, and Scalable Quantities. The overarching goal is to facilitate new investigator entry into these fields by generating preliminary data for a first funding opportunity and provide bridging studies for senior investigators for their next funding opportunity. Funding status will not be a prerequisite to apply.

This concept is in response to the constant call by the public for new, safer non-hormonal contraceptives and reproductive health related therapies that people can use throughout their reproductive lives.  Program seeks to continue this effort.

Services provided in the last cycle to several junior and senior investigators including, chemical optimization, large scale quantities of materials (e.g., recombinant DNA, antibody, and natural products), High Throughput Screening, and multi-gram quantities for identified small molecules. These efforts contributed to awarded R01 grant applications.

This concept clearance aligns with the NICHD Strategic Plan (theme 2 – reproductive health and 4 safe and effective therapeutics) and the Contraception Research Branch’s branch priority for the development of new and improved contraceptives.

Concerning alignment with HIV/AIDS priorities- unknown. It is conceivable that a service request discussing a multipurpose prevention technology (e.g., a contraceptive with an anti-HIV property) could be received.

Program Contact

Chris Lindsey
Contraception Research Branch (CRB)


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