201910 Child Health Research Career Development Award

Program seeks Council approval for an initiative entitled the Child Health Research Career Development Award (CHRCDA) Program.

Developed in 1990, the CHRCDA Program continues to establish or maintain centers of excellence in training in pediatric departments throughout the country. Since its inception, the main goal of the Program has been to provide a mechanism for sustained mentoring and intense scientific training during the formative early faculty development period by providing protected time for research training with scientific leaders.

The Program is meant to increase the number of pediatrician-scientists who devote a majority of their professional effort to research. Under the auspices of the Program, over 800 junior faculty members have been trained in the laboratories of scientific leaders. The majority of scholars supported by the Program continue in academic pediatrics, and many have gone on to establish successful independent research programs and have become recognized leaders in their fields.

To summarize, the CHRCDA Program fills a vital gap in pediatric training, is in line with the NICHD Mission, and is paramount to continuing the advances in science that are relevant to the patient populations NICHD serves.

Program Contact

Andrew Bremer
Pediatric Growth and Nutrition Branch (PGNB)


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