201801 Development of Novel Non-Steroidal Contraceptive Methods

Program seeks Council approval for an initiative titled “Development of Novel Non-Steroidal Contraceptive Methods.” There is a tremendous need for alternative modes of contraception for men and women, and this initiative continues a paradigm shift to develop not only additional methods, but more specific contraceptive modalities that do not act via classical steroidal mechanisms. 

In contrast to previous RFAs that focused on either male or female non-steroidal mechanisms, the requested RFA allows for male or female method development, multi-purpose prevention technologies and devices.

The NICHD remains the only funder of early stage contraceptive research throughout the world, and continued funding in this area is paramount for the field.  This initiative on multi-purpose prevention technologies is an important component of the branch’s comprehensive approach as it will dovetail with other recent initiatives including  identification of  novel reproductive gene targets,  understanding transport of molecules across the blood-testis barrier, incentivizing the small  business community to participate in contraceptive research, and established U54 contraceptive centers to  support new and improved contraception methods including clinical, translational and behavioral research.

This proposed concept aligns with the NICHD Visioning mandate to “identify novel molecular targets to develop new contraceptive methods.” This mandate is mirrored by the Branch Priorities.

Program Contact

Daniel Johnston
Contraception Research Branch

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