201710 National Centers for Translational Research in Reproduction and Infertility (Moss, FI)

Program seeks approval for an initiative titled: National Centers for Translational Research in Reproduction and Infertility.”  The problems associated with infertility and gynecological health remain prevalent in society and are tremendous burdens, both financially and emotionally, on individuals. Overall, these centers serve as national research hubs, forming a network of translational research centers emphasizing high quality reproductive, infertility and gynecological health and disease research. The objectives of these centers are to support such research in order to facilitate bidirectional transfer of knowledge between the laboratory and clinic with the goal of improving human reproductive and gynecological health.  The centers also serve as national resources for the training and career development of new scientists interested in pursuing careers in these scientific areas.  Finally, center investigators develop community outreach and education efforts. 

The 2011 NICHD White Paper on Reproduction, issued as part of the Visioning process, noted that ‘research in reproductive science and medicine are fundamental underpinnings of the goals of the NICHD in ensuring that every child is wanted and reaches their full potential.’ 

In comparison to previous iterations of this RFA:

  1. This funding opportunity announcement will now include scientific topics relevant to the Gynecology Health and Disease Branch (GHDB). 
  2. Proposals that address the epigenetic bases of reproductive and gynecological health and disease will be strongly encouraged.

Program Contact

Stuart Moss
Fertility and Infertility Branch

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