201710 Data Coordinating Center (DCC) of the Collaborative Pediatric Critical Care Network (CPCCRN) (Maholmes, PTCIB)

Program seeks Council approval for the Data Coordinating Center (DCC) of the Collaborative Pediatric Critical Care Network (CPCCRN).  As the CPCCRN continues to develop and refine its goals, it acknowledges that a paradigm shift is needed such that the question for the Network to ask is not “does the therapy work for critically ill children?” but rather, “for which critically ill children does the therapy work?” To move in this direction requires an effective and innovative DCC that can align robust phenotypic data with available biospecimens. The timing for renewal of this initiative is ideal in that the current cycle of the Network has several on-going projects with a sharper focus on leading the field in this paradigm shift.  The DCC infrastructure has been established to support such work.

In the last cycle of this initiative, we funded 1 DCC which worked effectively with the CPCCRN Clinical Sites to achieve the Network’s goals.  The DCC served many essential Network functions including all aspects of protocol development, data management, biostatistics and technical support.  In addition, the DCC served to foster collaboration with other groups and investigators to advance and invigorate the field of pediatric critical care medicine.

However, because this is a highly vulnerable and heterogeneous population much remains to be done to improve our understanding of the unique phenotypes of critically ill children and to investigate the pathophysiological basis of life-threatening disease processes in children.

The goal of this initiative is to support the Collaborative Pediatric Critical Care Network’s efforts to lead the field in pediatric critical care research by enhancing the design of clinical studies with leading edge tools and technologies and by maintaining high quality standards and producing robust datasets essential to the advancement of this field.

This proposed concept aligns with the Pediatric Trauma and Critical Illness Branch’s priority to support research that fosters collaboration among multidisciplinary teams of research scientists to address research gaps in health outcomes among traumatized, injured and critically ill children.

This concept aligns with the NICHD Vision areas of Conduct of Science and Rehabilitation.

Program Contact

Valerie Maholmes
Pediatric Trauma and Critical Illness Branch

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