201701 CAPSTONE Centers for Multidisciplinary Research and Training in Child Abuse and Neglect

Program seeks Council approval for an initiative titled “CAPSTONE Centers for Multidisciplinary Research in Child Abuse and Neglect.

While significant strides have been made in studying behavioral interventions to ameliorate the effects of child abuse, much more collaborative research is needed from fields including bioengineering, radiology, pathology, neurology and others to shed light on this phenomenon for more comprehensive assessments, therapies and treatments. There is also a need to develop more effective screening approaches to help doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, teachers, legal professionals and other community members recognize signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect to disrupt the stability of abusive and/or neglectful behavior at times of critical risk.

This initiative, which began in 2016, allowed NICHD to support one Center.

We would like to build on this momentum and support additional CAPSTONE Centers. Through the Centers, NICHD will be able to support the conduct of high impact studies, provide transformative opportunities for collaboration and create national research resources for the field. In addition, the continuation of this initiative will assist in communicating NICHD’s strong interest and commitment to this field of research and stimulating the next generation of research in child maltreatment through multidisciplinary approaches.

Program Contact

Valerie Maholmes
Pediatric Trauma and Critical Illness Branch

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