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An infant in the intensive care unit.
Dr. Sheri Crow:

Any parents listening to this right now won’t have to try very hard to understand why being admitted to an intensive care unit as a child might be considered a traumatic experience.

A father and son lying in a hospital bed.
Dr. Crow:

We know that psychological well-being is very important for the development of a child. We also know that the family’s psychological well-being actually directly interacts with a child’s developmental trajectory.

A health care provider comforting a father and mother whose toddler is in a hospital bed.
Dr. Crow:

What we need to know is what happens to patients and their families over time; what’s the toll that it takes after they’ve gone through an intensive care unit admission? For me—a mother, a researcher, a pediatrician—that’s what makes this work exciting. To understand how families are functioning in the real world, …

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NICHD-funded study explores the toll of pediatric trauma

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Dr. Crow: would help us inform medical professionals and the families what they can expect, how to better prepare for the stress that’s anticipated and, ultimately, improve their quality of life.
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