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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

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The Freedom of Information Act ( FOIA ), 5 U.S.C. 552, provides individuals with a right to access records in the possession of the federal government. The government may withhold information pursuant to the nine exemptions and three exclusions contained in the Act. For more information, visit the NIH FOIA Web site.

FOIA Resource Room

The list below includes selected FOIA requests that the NICHD FOIA Office has recently processed. Hard copies of these already-processed items are available by contacting the NICHD FOIA Office: phone: (301) 435-3457; fax: (301) 496-7101; e-mail: Please note that while some of our files are available in scanned formats, many of these items are available in hard copy only.

People with disabilities who have difficulty accessing information in these documents should contact the NICHD FOIA Office for assistance. Anyone needing access to accessible versions of FOIA documents, particularly users of Assistive Technology (AT), such as screen readers, will be accommodated upon request.

View Neonatal Research Network (NRN) FOIA Files.


1R01HD059177-01Neural Development and Disorders of Math Processing
1R01HD074949-01Evaluating a Youth Focused Economic Empowerment Approach to HIV Treatment
1R03HD069781-1A1Neural Development of Deductive Reasoning
2R01HD040049-05A1Neural Development of Lexical Processing
5T32HD041921-09Endocrinology/Reproductive Physiology Training Grant
F31HD082858-01The Impact of Parent Mindfulness on Family Health and Child Psychosocial Well-Being
​F32HD054037-01​Father Involvement and Well-being of At-risk Children
F32HD060410-01A2​Emotion & Intimate Partner Aggression: Processes & Outcomes in Parents & Children​
F32HD062135-01​Poverty, Discrimination, and Achievement Motivation in Urban Minority Adolescents​
F32HD075535-01Teacher-Child Interaction Training: A Classroom-Based Preschool Intervention
​F32HE054044-01​Cohabitation, Child Wellbeing & Parental Investments
G11HD052358-01Establishing an Office of Sponsored Research at Villa Julie College
G11HD052358-06A1Expanding Research Capability by Establishing an Office of Sponsored Research and Programs at Stevenson University (SU)
G11HD052368-06California State University San Bernardino: Improving Practices For Biomedical & Biobehavioral Research Administration (EARDA)
G11HD060437-06Improving Research Administration through Sustainable Initiatives
G11HD062937-01Development of Office Sponsored Programs at Bluefield State College
G11HD073000-01Biomedical/Biobehavioral Research Administration Development (BRAD) Award
G11HD076487-01Developing an Office of Sponsored Projects for Presbyterian College
G11HD080231-01Strengthening Sponsored Research Infrastructure and Faculty Development at Swarthmore College
K01HD067390-01A1Linking Dynamic Environments with Childhood Obesity
K01HD068170-01A1​Parent-Child Biobehavioral Coregulation and Child Maltreatment Risk​
K01HD073318-01​Migration and Child Health and Development: Effect and Mechanisms​
K23HD060601-01A1Cognitive Control of Emotion in Autism
K23HD078503-01A1A Theory-Based Intervention to Prevent Child Neglect in High-Risk Families
K23HD079836-01A1Integrated Treatments for Core Deficits in Autism Spectrum Disorder
K25HD074652-01A1Methods for Dynamic Causal Interactions in the Developing Human Brain
K25HD074652-02Methods for Dynamic Causal Interactions in the Developing Human Brain
​K99HD065832-01A1 Changes in the Reading Network of Dyslexia and Measured by Multimodel Imaging​
K99HD070874-01​A Couple-Level Approach to Preventing Unintended Pregnancy Among Young Latinas​
K99HD073240-01A1Mechanisms Underlying Impaired Postural Corrections Following Stroke
K99HD078492-01A1Body-Worn Sensors to Characterize & Treat Freezing of Gait in Parkinson's Disease
P01HD070837-01A1Neurocognitive Bases of Treatment Resistance in Developmental Dyslexia
R01HD033487-15Neuromaturational Delays in Iron Deficient Anemic Infants
R01HD047814-06Effects of Children of Persistent Exposure to Political Violence; Follow-up
R01HD048528-01A2Combinative Generalization of Within-Syllable Unit Mental Retardation
R01HD053055-01Brain Research to Ameliorate Impaired Neurodevelopment Home-Based Intervention
R01HD055342-01A1Understanding Peer Influence of Adolescent Health Risk Behaviors
R01HD056275-06A1Cesarean and Vaginal Birth: Cohort Study of the Impact on Pelvic Floor Disorders
R01HD059794-06Role of Parent Health Literacy in Early Child Obesity and Other Health Outcomes
R01HD060388-01A2Reading and the Right Fusiform
​R01HD061362-01A2Social Work Intervention Training for Maltreating Families of Infants, Toddlers​
R01HD062080-01An Interactive Video Game for HIV Prevention in At-Risk Adolescents
R01HD065762-01A1Longitudinal Study of Childhood Dyslexia fMRI Markers Prior to Reading Onset
R01HD067312-01Using Cognitive Neuroscience to Predict Dyslexia Among Kindergarten Children
R01HD067694-01A1Lactoferrin for Prevention of Sepsis in Infants
R01HD068370-01A1Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Placental Nutrient Transporters
R01HD068437-01A1Epigenetic Pathways to Conduct Problem Trajectories: Early Environmental Risks
R01HD068802-01A1Relationship of Loss of Control Eating to Excessive Gestational Weight Gain
R01HD072143-01Preschool Reading and Language Interventions for Children with Autism
R01HD073549-01A1Neural Predictors of Risky Driving and Susceptibility to Peer Influences in Adolescents
R01HD073572-01A1Appropriate Gestational Weight Gain in Overweight/Obese Women
R01HD075491-01National Robotics Initiative: Small: Control of Powered Segmented Legs for Humanoid & Rehabilitation Robotic
R01HD078407-01A1Promoting Healthy Weight in Pregnancy and Postpartum Among Overweight/Obese Women
R01HD078653-01Measuring Marriage & Divorce at the County Level
R01HD079422-01School Nutrition and Physical Activity Policies, Obesogenic Behaviors, and Weight Outcomes
R01HD080629-01A1Intra-Abdominal Pressure and Postpartum Pelvic Floor Support and Symptoms
R01HD083404-01Effect of Nicotine Reduction on Smoking Behavior in ADHD Smokers
R03HD073802-01A1Healthy Habits: Timing for Developing Sustainable Healthy Behaviors in Children and Adolescents
​R13HD063139-01​Academic-Community Partnerships to Bridge Across the U.S. Pacific Islands
R13HD075496-01Academic-Community Partnerships to Reduce Disparities in Infant Mortality
R13HD080421-01Research on Children in Military Families: The Impact of Parental Military Deployment and Reintegration on Child and Family
R15HD054950-01A1Primary Care Child Obesity Intervention Targeting Parents
R15HD068176-01A1Function of Mesendoderm in Closure of the Anterior Neural Tube
R15HD077544-01Neonatal Brain Injury: Mediating Factors for Improved Neurobehavioral Outcome
R15HD080710-01Rapid Weight Gain Among Infants of Low-Income Hispanic Immigrant Mothers
R21HD059292-01A2Vibration Intervention for Bone Enhancement in Childhood Cancer Survivors​
R21HD073487-01A1Health Promotion for Children with Physical Disabilities through Physical Activity and Diet: Developing and Evidence Base
R21HD074995-01A1Using Media to Promote Health to Preschoolers
R21HD078890-01Developing a Preschool Obesity Intervention for Families Enrolled in WIC
R24HD065688-05Improving Outcome Measurement for Medical Rehabilitation Clinical Trials
R24HD065702-05Center for Rehabilitation Research Using Large Datasets
R25HD057002-01Advanced Spinal Analysis Training Program for Population Scientists
T32HD007109-31A2Developmental Psychology Training Grant
T32HD007376-21A1Human Development: Interdisciplinary Research Training
T32HD007542-06A1Training Program in Social Development
U19HD077627-01Sequencing of Newborn Blood Spot DNA to Improve and Expand Newborn Screening


HHSN275201100032UNICHD CIO's Technical Support
HHSN275201300388PNursing Continuing Education Assessment Project
HHSN275201100091UIT Business Analysis, Process Reengineering and Application Support
HHSN275201300084UApplication Development IT Support Services
HHSN275201500071UNICHD Applications Development Support Services

NICHD FOIA Information

The NICHD has its own FOIA Coordinator—Earl Blansfield—who handles FOIA requests related to the Institute and its research. You can contact the NICHD FOIA Office at:

Mail: NICHD FOIA Office, 31 Center Drive, Building 31, Room 2A32, Bethesda, MD, 20892
Phone: 301-435-3457
Fax: 301-496-7101

In addition, all FOIA requests may be sent to the NIH FOIA Office (Phone: 301-496-5633).​​​​

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