Questions for Your First Appointment

The best way to plan for a healthy pregnancy is to understand your overall health and your possible health risks. Before your first pregnancy care visit, think about your past health, your current health, your lifestyle, and other things to discuss with your healthcare provider. An open and honest conversation will help your provider understand your goals, experiences, and risks.

Start the conversation by asking your healthcare provider the following questions. Or write your own questions on the back of this sheet.

Question: Does my health history put me at risk of any health problems during my pregnancy?

Why It's Important: Even "minor" past health challenges could affect your risk for problems during pregnancy. Make sure your provider has complete information—don't leave anything out.

Question: Given my starting weight and medical history, how much weight should I gain during pregnancy?

Why It's Important: Gaining too much or too little weight during pregnancy can affect the pregnancy and your baby's health later in life. Talk about what's best for your pregnancy and your baby.

Question: How can I create a healthy eating plan that is best for me and my baby?

Why It's Important: Your pregnancy eating plan should focus on what's needed to keep you and your baby healthy. It could include eating more vegetables or more small meals throughout the day. Ask your provider about nutrition for your pregnancy.

Question: How much physical activity (and what types of activity) should I do during my pregnancy?

Why It's Important: Think about your current level of activity, and talk to your provider about what you can do. Remember: physical activity doesn't only mean going to the gym. Walking up or down stairs, carrying a toddler, and gardening all count as activity.

Question: Will my care plan change during my pregnancy? What tests and procedures will I need?

Why It's Important: Planning for your care, including necessary tests and procedures, can help you manage challenges and changes that are common during pregnancy.

Other Questions

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BMI: Be More Informed about yoru care and your needs during pregnancy. Speak up for yourself—and for your baby.

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