Talking with Your Healthcare Provider

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Getting Started

Looking for a size-friendly provider?

Ask your primary care provider or other trusted health professional for recommendations. Resources such as Plus Size Birth external link also offer information and support for plus-size moms and moms-to-be, including suggestions for finding a trusted provider external link.

An appointment with a healthcare provider usually means you will get a lot of information in a very short time. You can prepare by doing a little work beforehand:

  • Think about what questions to ask your provider. Write them down and take them to your appointment.
  • Think honestly about your health history and current lifestyle. Understanding your health and possible health risks is the best way to plan for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Think about your health goals for this pregnancy. Do you want to continue certain activities? Reduce stress? Adjust your nutrition? Knowing your goals will help you discuss them with your provider when creating your healthy pregnancy plan.

Use the following resources to prepare for upcoming healthcare visits.

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Questions to Ask During Your First Medical Appointment

A health care provider with a stethoscope and writing on a chart speaking to a pregnant woman.Start the conversation by asking your healthcare provider the following questions at your first appointment. Get a printer-friendly version of these questions (PDF 706 KB) with additional details about why the information is important.

  • Does my health history put me at risk for any health problems during my pregnancy?
  • Given my starting weight and medical history, how much weight should I gain during pregnancy?
  • How can I create a healthy eating plan that is best for me and my baby?
  • How much physical activity (and what types of activity) should I do during my pregnancy?
  • Will my care plan change during my pregnancy? What tests and procedures will I need?
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Create a Pregnancy Action Plan

The Pregnancy Action Plan contains questions to help moms-to-be set their pregnancy goals and plan steps to reach them. Sharing the action plan with your provider can help inform your pregnancy plan.

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