Pregnancy Action Plan

BMI: Be More Informed

Healthy pregnancies are for every body! Working with your provider to plan for a healthy pregnancy can also help manage problems and expectations. A healthy pregnancy plan includes many things, such as your current weight and body mass index (BMI), current health, past health, family health, and lifestyle factors. Your provider will consider all these factors and will work with you to create a plan that reduces your risks and increases your chances of healthy outcomes.

The first step to planning the best care for your pregnancy is completing this action plan. Then, work with your provider to create a pregnancy plan just for you.

Question: What does a healthy pregnancy look like for me?

Why It's Important: Think about what activities and habits are important to you and what goals you want to achieve during your pregnancy. For example, if you currently have an active lifestyle, your goal might be to keep doing the activities you enjoy throughout your pregnancy.
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Question: What concerns do I have about my pregnancy?

Why It's Important: Some women may worry about possible complications, labor and delivery, or balancing family and work while pregnant. Think about your specific concerns and share them with your healthcare provider. Your provider may have resources that can help.
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Question: What do I want to do MORE of to help me reach my goal(s)?

Why It's Important: Pregnancy is a special time to focus on your health and taking care of yourself. Think of some ways to do this (such as take daily walks), and write down any questions you may want to discuss with your provider.
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Question: What do I want to do LESS of to help me reach my goal(s)?

Why It's Important: Taking care of yourself is often easier said than done. It may mean removing distractions or avoiding situations that interfere with your self-care. For example, to help reduce stress and strain, you may want to limit screen time by leaving your smart phone off after dinner until you go to bed.
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Question: What specific steps can I take to work toward my goals?

Why It's Important: Breaking down your goals into smaller steps can help you stay on track. Be sure to make them specific. Setting a date to get started can also help motivate you. For example, starting Monday, I will climb an extra two flights of stairs each day.
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Question: What information, tools, or resources do I need?

Why It's Important: Set yourself up for success by being informed and prepared. For example, if improving your eating habits is a goal for you, ask your healthcare provider for advice or resources on healthy eating. Visit Plus Size Birth to find information and resources on plus-size pregnancy. ( external link)
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Question: Who can help me reach my goals? What can they do?

Why It's Important: Working with a healthcare provider you trust is important for a healthy pregnancy. Providers should treat you with respect and kindness. Make a list of the things you expect from a provider. If your current provider does not offer these qualities, ask to speak with another provider in the office or ask for a referral to another office. Check out Plus Size Birth’s tips for finding a size-friendly provider. ( external link)
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Next Steps

  • When you are ready, bring this worksheet to your next prenatal care visit. Ask your provider to review it with you as a way to work together to create a healthy pregnancy plan.
  • Work together to create a personalized plan just for you.
  • You and your pregnancy are important. Speak up for yourself by asking questions or sharing concerns.
  • Let your provider know if it would be helpful to review your healthy pregnancy plan or parts of the plan at each visit.

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