Let Baby Set the Delivery Date Infographic (Text Alternative)

Let Baby Set The Delivery Date

Babies need at least 39 weeks to grow before they are born.

39 weeks? But I’m ready to deliver now!

Between 37 and 29 weeks, the baby goes through critical development of: brain, lungs, liver.

Graphic: brain size at 35 weeks and at 39-40 weeks.

Your baby’s brain at 35 weeks weighs only 2/3 of what it will weigh at 39 to 40 weeks.

Babies born before 39 weeks have a 20% greater risk of complications than babies born later, including problems with: breathing, temperature, feeding.

Elective delivery prior to 39 weeks increases the mom’s risk of:

  • Postpartum depression.
  • Stronger and more frequent contractions.
  • Need for a cesarean delivery.

Learn more at http://www.nichd.nih.gov/wait39weeks

March 2014


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