Why are the tween & teen years so critical?

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It takes calcium to build strong bones. So calcium is especially important during the tween and teen years, when bones are growing their fastest.

Boys and girls in these age groups have calcium needs that they can’t make up for later in life. In fact, by the time teens finish their growth spurts around age 17, 90 percent of their adult bone mass is established.

Unfortunately, fewer than one in ten girls and only one in four boys ages 9 to 13 are at or above their adequate intake of calcium. This lack of calcium has a big impact on bones and teeth. Learn how milk is:

More Milk Matters - Sources of Calcium

In addition to low-fat or fat-free milk, there are a lot of ways for tweens and teens to get the calcium they need each day. What are good sources of calcium?
Last Updated Date: 01/04/2010
Last Reviewed Date: 01/04/2010