Through discussions with Institute staff and the National Advisory Child Health and Human Development Council, the Institute’s federal advisory committee, the NICHD identified a set of broad scientific themes to help drive upcoming Vision activities and to focus discussions.

These nine themes will provide the focus of each Vision workshop currently in the planning stages and led by small organizing groups. In developing the workshops, the organizing groups are asked to look beyond the Institute’s current science and push new research frontiers, while being anchored by the core NICHD mission:

"The NICHD mission is to ensure that every person is born healthy and wanted, that women suffer no harmful effects from reproductive processes, and that all children have the chance to achieve their full potential for healthy and productive lives, free from disease or disability, and to ensure the health, productivity, independence, and well-being of all people through optimal rehabilitation."

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The NICHD also identified a set of Cross-cutting Issues, relevant to all scientific themes, that may be integrated into one or more of the Vision workshops. Also see the General Comments of NICHD's Vision.

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Last Reviewed: 04/07/2011