Forms & Instructions for Preparing Grant Application

Where can I find grant application forms and instructions for filling them out?

  • NIH Grant Application Forms: Forms provided through this site include grant and fellowship applications, non-competing continuation applications, progress reports, statements of appointment and termination, payback agreement, and grant close-out.
  • Application Guides and Instructions: This web page provides links to the different NIH application instruction sets.
    • Those applying for Career Development Awards (K series) or Institutional Training Grants (T32) should use the Application Guide SF424 (R&R) - Adobe Forms Version B Series. Section 7 contains supplemental instructions for K applications. Section 8 contains supplemental instructions for Institutional Training Grants.
    • Fellowship applicants (e.g., F31, F32) should use the Individual Fellowship Application Guide SF424 (R&R) - Adobe Forms Version B Series.
  • Submitting Applications ( This is the main government-wide website for submitting grant applications. It provides the proper application form based on the grant mechanism selected.


Whom can I contact with questions about applications for fellowships (F awards), Career Development Awards (K awards), or Institutional Training Grants (T32, K12)?

You can contact any of the following with additional questions:

  • University Sponsor or Mentor
  • University Department Chair and/or Administrator
  • University Sponsored Programs Office
  • Scientific/Research Contact listed in the Funding Opportunity Announcement
  • NICHD Training Officer (Dr. Twombly)
  • NICHD Program Staff


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