The Section on Genetics & Endocrinology (SEGEN) was first established in 1995 as a small Unit within the Developmental Endocrinology Branch (DEB), NICHD, NIH. The section has since continued its tradition on the identification of genes involved in the genetics of pituitary, adrenal, and other endocrine (and some non-endocrine) tumors and related syndromes.

Group photo of Stratakis lab.

Lab Photo: See our photo gallery of SEGEN events and activities.

The objective of SEGEN is to:

  • Identify molecular defects leading to endocrine tumors and delineate their contribution to related disorders
  • Investigate the role of the identified genes and/or pathways on cellular pathophysiology and tumor formation
  • Translate the molecular and genetic discoveries into better diagnosis and treatment of our patients through improvements in prevention and/or identification of their disease and the discovery of new molecular targets of therapy
  • Train physician-scientists, post-doctoral fellows and other students from across the globe to become future leaders in the field of science

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